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The Quarantine Time Machine

Help children reflect upon their time in quarantine


Program Description

Getting Started

Join Cory, Tina, and their scientist grandfather, Pops, as they travel into the past to reflect upon their time in quarantine!



  • A brief introduction video 
  • Four educational and entertaining videos 
  • Class discussion prompts for each topic 
  • Curriculum activities to reinforce coping skills 
  • Quarantine Time Machine Character Paper Puppet Craft Activity 
  • Advice from a Mental Health Expert on each topic 
  • A Parent / Guardian Letter 
  • A Quarantine Time Machine Coloring Page 
  • A bonus behind the scenes video showing how the puppets were built and how the videos were made

Program Topics

School is Different

Students will have an opportunity to tell their story and process their emotions about school being different. They will explore strategies to help themselves and others feel better.

How to Manage Extreme Emotions

Students will learn how to determine the size of problems they are having and will learn how to respond in a healthy manner. They will also build on their existing feeling vocabulary and learn strategies to help regulate their extreme emotions.

Practicing Empathy

Students will practice active listening skills to gain perspective of other student experiences in quarantine. They will learn valuable interpersonal skills that will allow them to support others during this time and in the future.

How to Manage Uncertainty

Students will learn to zoom in on what they can control (e.g., thinking), and develop skills that will help them to focus on the positive in order to enhance their optimistic growth mindset.



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